Tuesday, 23 May 2017

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If I could show someone how good I am at things ...

How smart I am and good at puzzles.
I can illustrate books and draw comic books. I made some tiny books.

I am good at crafting. I made robots and guns out of 100 plastic pieces. I am great at coding. I made my own game. 

I am great at computing. I can make websites and use photoshop.

I am good at playing games and cards.
I'm actually good at playing cards.

By Justin Zhang

This is about my talent that is a very big secret that not many people know. I am good at skateboarding and scootering, I can do many tricks on my scooter.
1.Bry flip.
2.Double bry flip
3.Tail whip.
4. Double tail whip.
5.Inwards tail whip.
6.2 and a half tail whip.
7. Bunny hop.
8.Bry flip/tail whip.
9.Triple bry.

By Aleisha Aalders

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