Wednesday, 3 May 2017

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Puku 'helping' Miss Bell mark M4's writing books!

Paint Ball

On 23rd April we were at King Seat paint ball for my birthday. We arrived there in about one hour and ten minutes. There was a tournament going on so we watched for a bit and saw this random doll and it was creepy. I picked the teams. It was me and Josh as captains and I chose Nixon, Harrison, Isaac and my mum. They gave us shot guns or pistols and I chose a shot gun. The games were very fun. Isaac got hit in the mouth by George and then my dad did the same back to me. There was this round capture the flag and we could not find it until the end. My mum found it but then we were out of time. Then we got to shoot the boss's gun, it was really powerful. 
He said, "Don't drop it!"
The tournament was still going on and one of the paint balls hit my dad's car so we left. I grabbed a paint ball and kept squishing it so much that it exploded. It was yellow and it went all over me.😏

By Lucas

 Surfing at Raglan

I grabbed my board and followed Matthew, Dad, Sophie and Claudia down the hill. The waves were forming nicely. I could even see the pros falling off, that frightened me. I've never been to Raglan before this but I love the beach, the feel and the people. We walked down the black sand beach. My arms are short so I couldn't carry my board all that well, but I managed. My leg rope was on and all I had to do was run. The water was Antarctica cold. Dad and Matthew paddled out deep but we stayed up to our shoulders. Claudia had never surfed before so she just went on her knees. I was pushing my board towards the waves when a huge set came and it smashed on my head. I got a huge fright! Eventually we walked in and got back to and had showers.

By Jess

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