Week 4, Term 4

Remember your sunhats!

How great is it that Kyra has won the splash pad opening competition! Please ensure you get your permission slips back to school ASAP so I can start organising things.

Maths-A focus on Geometry-finding the area, perimeter and volume of a shape.

Reading-Non-fiction texts.

Writing-Cameo writing on the zoo and a scary piece of writing. 

Art-painting rocks and sketching techniques.

Inquiry-Sustainability...Palm Oil.

PE-an athletics rotation to practise for our Athletics Day. High Jump/Discus/Long Jump/Shotput.

Week 3, Term 4

Remember your sunhats!🎩🎩

Mufti day on Tuesday. No charge. You may dress up in Halloween costume if you choose.πŸ’€

Maths-Gloss and Asttle testing this week.

Reading-Asttle testing and non fiction books.

Writing-Report writing on endangered animals. 

Art-sketching insects.


PE-Athletic skills. High Jump, Long Jump, Discus, Shot put.

Week 2, Term 4

HALLOWEEN DISCO this Friday night. Get your tickets from outside the office before school. Five dollars a ticket.

This week we start the Year 6 DARE programme and we will also be learning our first dance for the end of year graduation dinner. Exciting.

Maths this week-Geometry/Number-Rounding and ordering numbers. Gloss testing.

Reading-PROBE testing to check comprehension levels. Complete slavery unit and word work/spelling skills.

Writing-Argument writing....Should we have zoos?

Inquiry-Sustainability. What is sustainability?

PE-Athletics skills.

....And a noodle bridge challenge! Stay posted.

Week 1, Term 4

Welcome back to the last term! 

Maths-A focus on rounding numbers-whole numbers and decimal numbers. Algebra-an introduction.

Writing-This term we will be working on persuasive text. 

Inquiry....is all about SUSTAINABILITY.

Reading-Slavery unit...an independent study...PROBE testing to check levels.

PE-Run, Jump, Throw...Athletics.

Art-Complete our waka, design a rashie(leisure Centre competition).

...I hope you are enjoying your holidays, M4.
Please ask your parents to check and treat your hair if necessary as we have MORE nits around.

Week 10, Term 3

Maths-This week we are working on an independent problem solving task-designing a food truck! Students will need to come up with a menu, a floor plan, location map and use the website tinkercad.com to create a 3D design.

Writing-We have our Writing sample to complete.

Reading-Slavery unit.

Art-sketching techniques.

PE-basket ball skills.

Inquiry-this week our inquiry time will be mainly the Cultural Show preparation and performing.

Week 9, Term 3

Maths-Fractions-adding and subtracting fractions, improper fractions.

Writing-Cameos based on National Geographic Photo of the Day. Using rich language to describe a scene.

Reading-Skimming and scanning skills.

Art-sketching techniques, completing waka.

Inquiry-complete reports based on independent inquiries.

PE-bikes booked for Thursday.

Mufti Day this Friday, please bring a can of food for the Salvation Army.

Week 8, Term 3

Maths-Fractions-numerator/denominator and multiplying fractions.

Writing-Analysing how to write a report and then using information gained about NZ wildlife to write their own reports. Focus on using paragraphs.

Reading-Focus on the re-organisation of text.

Art-complete our clay waka and sketching techniques.

Inquiry-Continue to collect information to use in our own inquiries.

PE-The bikes are booked for Monday afternoon.

Notices-Well done to all of the M4 students as they all had a go at writing and presenting a speech last week. Jessica and Joshua will go through to the Year 6 final next week. Good luck to these two!

This Friday is the last day that Rebecca Pinder (our student teacher) will be with M4. We are going to have a pizza party to celebrate her practicum with us. Each student has worked out what they would like to order and will need to bring this money(one pizza is $5.00) to school over the next few days so that we can place the order on Thursday.

Week 7, Term 3

Maths-fractions, decimals....plus a focus on number knowledge tasks.

Writing-last week to write speeches. This Thursday we will be presenting to the class and then on Friday the top speakers will go into the M3/M4 finals.

Reading-Non Fiction reading and searching for facts.

Art-Clay waka.

PE-rugby skills.

Inquiry-working towards our own personal inquiries.

Week 6, Term 3

Maths-Estimating focus and decimals/fractions.

Writing-We are working on speech writing.

Reading-Using graphic organisers and venn diagrams.

ART-clay waka

PE-We have learnt a new game called KICK BALL. It has become a class favourite!

Inquiry-This week we are starting our personal inquiries into Movement of People.

Week 5, Term 3

Maths-Fractions and decimals.

Writing-we are writing speeches over the next few weeks.

Reading-Inferencing and conferencing.

Art-mixed media animals completed.

PE-Cross Country training. This Friday we have our big event.

Week 4, Term 3

Maths-Maths week activities going on....including POP UP maths stations around the school. Estimation and problem solving is our focus this week.

Writing-Working on a poem called ODE TO SUMMER. Completing our World's Worst Child story.

Reading-Around the World Reading continued.

Art-mixed media animals.

PE-Dodge Ball and Cross Country training.

Week 3, Term 3

Maths-This week is MATHS WEEK so we will be working on a variety of problem solving and estimating challenges.

Writing-Continuing our Worst Child in the World story. We are having a good at e-books using Google slides, Google draw and SketchIO.

Reading-Continuing their journey around 25 countries in 'Around the World Reading.'

Art-Mixed media animals.

PE-Cross Country training and Dodge Ball.

Week 2, Term 3

Maths-Fractions and Decimals, decipipes, problem solving activities.

Writing-Apostrophes, Designing a SUPER VILLAIN(inspired by David Walliams books 'The World's Worst Children.')

Reading-Continuing their journey around 25 countries in 'Around the World Reading'.

Art-Mixed media people/animals.

PE-Cross Country training and Dodge Ball.

Maori-Taiaha, Introductions, Proverbs


MATHS-Fractions and Decimals this term. 

Writing-Report writing and a focus on punctuation and grammar.

Reading-Around the World Reading. We are visiting every continent with our reading tasks.


PE-Cross Country training and winter sports.

Maori-Taiaha, poi, ti rakau, introductions

Week 11

Maths-Number-word problems using division and multiplication

Writing-English Skills/Personal Inquiries


Reading -Graphic Organisers

Art-personal inquiry posters

PE-rugby skills/basketball/netball

Maori-ti rakau/proverbs

Week 9

Maths-Number-Division(word problems)

Writing-English skills/Game of Awesome

Spelling-Tahi, Rua, Toru-'sh'words
Wha-Extension-'un' words

Reading-Graphic Organisers/inferencing

Art-Calendar Art/Koru art

PE-basketball skills/hockey/rugby

Inquiry-personal inquiry

Maori-Ms Giffin's lesson-maori place names

Week 8

Maths-Number-Division(word problems)

Writing-Haiku poetry based around Matariki

Spelling-Matariki focus

Reading-Graphic organisers, inferencing

Art-Calendar art-Kiwiana 

PE-Basketball, hockey

Maori-poi, ti rakau, Ms Giffin in to teach some more Te Reo!

Week 7

Please make a point of checking hair for lice this week. We are having such a problem with this in M4.


Writing-Metaphors and Spoonerisms

Spelling-Tahi, Rua, Toru-Spoonerisms
Wha(Extension)- Tautology

Reading-Graphic organisers


PE-Basketball and Hockey skills

Maori-ti rakau sticks and correct pronunciation of maori place names.

Week 6



Spelling-Tahi, Rua, Toru, Extension-Adjectives


Art-We have nearly all completed our tapa cloth paintings. Come in and check them out sometimeπŸ‘

PE-Soccer skills...we have formed a soccer team and we hope to play VLC Team Shearer this Thursday(and beat them!).

Maori-poi and ti rakau. Introducing yourself in Te Reo. 

Week 5

Maths-Multiplication/ Division. 
Measurement-We are making bread this week. Yum!

Writing-Instructions on how to play your favourite game.

Spelling-Tahi, Rua, Toru-memory tricks
Wha(Extension)-Memory tricks
Spelling Skills-What is a conclusion?
Common nouns/question sentences

Reading-Comprehension and Inferencing.

Art-continuing Tapa cloth 

PE-soccer skills and basketball. 

Maths-ti rakau skills, poi, haka.

Week 4, Term 2

This week we are continuing to get ready for our Learning Celebrations. Many of the students is M4 know their Pepeha off by heart! They are ready to show you their achievements and their goals.

Maths-Multiplication and problem solving tasks.
Measurement is all about weight and balancing...chocolate!

Writing-M4 are enjoying writing their own stories at the moment. We certainly have some comedians in our classπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and some clever writers.

Spelling-Tahi, Rua and Tory groups-soft ge, gi and gy words.
Extension spellers-spelling 'bug bears.'

Reading-A focus on making inferences from the text.

Art-Continuing our tapa cloths.

PE-Soccer and basketball skills. Running or fast paced walking for fitness.

Maori-Ti rakau sticks and Pepeha.

Week 3, Term 2

This week we are preparing for our Learning Celebration afternoon/evening. Please make sure you have booked a time to come in and enjoy these. M4 have been working hard to record their achievements and goals so they can share them with you.

Maths-Timestables and multiplication strategies, using calculators, problem solving tasks.

Spelling Skills-
Tahi, Rua, Toru groups-soft c sound words
Wha(Extension spellers)-psy words

Writing-Learning Celebration goals. Some free writing time(this is a favourite).


PE-Rugby Skills, Basketball skills.

Week 2, Term 2

Maths-Timestables. A huge blitz on recall and speed.
Multiplication strategies. ...including decimals.

Writing-Instructions-how to have a great day😎.

skills and making inferences.

Spelling Skills-
Tahi, Rua and Toru-i before e except after c.
Extension Group Wha-words of greek origin, ph.

Inquiry-Experiment time Introducing our Science unit-CHANGE.

Week 1 Term 2

Welcome to Term 2πŸ‘

How exciting...our new furniture has arrived and we had our first day using it. I will post some photos this week.

Learning this week-
Maths-multiplication and division, setting goals, measurement...weight and mass.
Writing-Explanation writing and writing instructions.
Reading-Inferencing and comprehension strategies. Reading goals.
PE-Today we did the Beep test to get a benchmark of our fitness level. Well done Isaac and Lucas-Level 10!
Inquiry-CHANGE with a science focus.
Art-tapa making
Spelling-spelling rule i before e, patterns of greek origin ph

Week 11

Maths Makers/Skill Geeks-multiplication madness! Rich tasks using multiplication.
Chunky Fractions-Problem solving comparing the price of living in San Francisco and Las Vegas...is it cheaper to work in LV and commute to SF? Ask the Chunky Fractions.

Reading-finishing off our chapter book studies.

Writing-An octopoem. Some Anzac Day diary writing.

Notices-Waterwise this week is on Wednesday, 9.20-10.30, Manly Beach. Please come down and help if you are available. Hopefully the weather is FABULOUS🌞.   

Thursday-to celebrate our novel study on Holes, by Louis Sachar, we are viewing the movie. We will be having a shared morning tea so if everyone brings a plate of food to share and enjoy it would be appreciated.

Week 10

Maths-This week we will focus...again.... on subtraction strategies using whole numbers and decimal numbers.

Writing-Autumn Poetry and publishing, Slice of Life Tuesday, a recount sample.

Reading-our focus this week is on comprehension skills. 

Notices for this week-Waterwise is next week, April 12th, 9.20-10.30am. 

Week 9

Maths-focus this week is on subtraction strategies using whole numbers and decimal numbers.

Writing-We are continuing to write Game of Awesome narratives and Tuesday is Slice of Life writing. Our word work and spelling focus is using plurals.

Reading-All students in M4 are currently reading a chapter book in class and working on an author study.

Notices for the week-
Waterwise this Wednesday, 12.00-1.00pm. Hopefully we will get some keen parents again. 

Isaac represents WGP on Thursday at the Interschools swimming championships. We are so proud of you, Isaac!

Week 8

Maths-This week the learning focus is knowing whether to use addition(2 digit, 3 digit, decimals) or subtraction strategies when solving equations. We are solving them on paper(well, using our cool new whiteboard moon table), and also trying to solve them in our heads. 

Writing We are continuing our Slice of Life stories. We also started Game of Awesome writing....ask the students about this. Plenty of fabulous ideas so far! Another exciting opportunity we have for our literacy this week is to write letters to Oliver's uncle and his students in the Himalayas. Uncle Duncan is volunteering there for another three weeks so we need to get cracking and get them sent. We will share with his students about life and school in NZ and compare information we learn from them.

Reading-This week we have started our author studies based on our chapter books.

Notices for the week-You need your Waterwise gear for Wednesday morning. Please remind your parents if they have offered to help that we start at the earlier time of 9.20am. You can wear your togs under your uniform.

Friday-bring your bike or scooter if you like. We are booked in to use the bike track at 11am with T1. There will be school bikes and helmets to borrow.

Week 7

Welcome to our new Learning Assistant, Marnie MacDonald.
Marnie will be working in M3 and M4 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9-12.30. 

Marnie will work alongside the students and help with their learning. It is awesome to have herπŸ‘.

Devices-Please remember to charge your device before you come to school. This is important.

Tuesday-Togs.....goggles....towels. Last swimming lesson at the Leisure Centre-10.40-11.10. 🏊

Thursday-Library-10-10.40. Remember your books. You should all have three books. One chapter book, one non-fiction book and one book of your choice.πŸ“™πŸ“˜πŸ“—

Friday-Passion Fridays continue....remember your gear.

I  look forward to having a fabulous week with you, M4. 

WRITING-Today during writing time we belly laughed. Nate and Josh had us laughing like hyenas!...Well, if hyenas laughed. Watch out tomorrow for our new Slice of Life writing.

Congratulations to Em and Josh for being selected this week.πŸ”†πŸ”†

READING-We are still reading HOLES. Our Reading is based around this novel at the moment. The activities include tasks based on making inferences from the text.

Number-Addition and Subtraction strategies and in Statistics we are learning how to make a stem and leaf graph and analysing data on pie graphs. 

This week we are looking at THE SNEETCHES(Dr Seuss)....here is a little taste of some of the questions we will be thinking about and working collaboratively to answer..
Why do the Star-Belly Sneetches believe they are better than the Plain-Belly Sneetches?
What would happen if the Plain-Belly Sneetches decided stars were bad and plain bellies were the best? 

Week 5-this week in M4

PAT Listening Comprehension

Swimming at the Leisure Centre- 1.30-2.30

PAT-Punctuation and Grammar
Library at 10.00-10.40
Bike track Opening at 2.20pm on the field outside B block

PAT -Maths

PAT-Reading Vocabulary
Gala mufti day-girls bring sweet foods, boys bring savoury foods. 

Week 6....

Monday-Last PAT test. 

Tuesday-Swimming at the Leisure Centre.

Thursday-Swimming Sports

Friday-Passion Fridays begin

Saturday-Gala Day!πŸ‘ Let's hope it is sunny.

Here is Ava RoseπŸ’—

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